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Power distribution systems, control devices, power plant automation, system integration,
engineering, project management

  Production of Electric Equipment

 Protection and control cubicles

  LV compartments of MV cells

Védelem - irányítástechnika

  Protection and control

Manufacturing of protection and control cabinets. 


Szekunder fülkék

  Low voltage compartments

Building of LV compartments of MV cells for substation applications.


 Auxiliary AC supplies Substation DC supply systems 

Segédüzemi AC elosztók

  AC power supply

AC auxiliary systems equipped with permanent supply automatics.


Egyenáramú rendszerek

  Auxiliary DC supply

DC distribution systems, complete DC systems, redundant DC supply with supervision and control.

 Withdrawable distribution systems (MCC)
 High current distribution systems (PCC)

LOGSTRUP Omega rendszer
  Omega system

Using the Logstrup Omega mechanical system could be widely used covering even the unique demands of the different customers.


Nagyáramú kapcsolóberendezések

  High current distribution

LV auxiliary systems usually used for industrial main or sub-distribution equipment.