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Power distribution systems, control devices, power plant automation, system integration,
engineering, project management

  Control and Automation system

 MAB V2 CU and MAB3 GWY Control and Automation

 MAB V2 and MAB3 IED Bay Units

Irányítástechnikai rendszer

  Substation control and automation

Control and supervision of substations and parts of electric power transmission and distribution systems.


MAB V2 mezőkészülékek

  MAB devices

Internal technological interface, fibre optic data transmission, disturbance protection in the Bay Units.


 SCADA Softwares Automation Devices

Megjelenítő szoftverek  

  Data visualisation

The SCADA and substation-level HMI tool is based on the CiTect's general SCADA software.


Automatika készülékek

   Auto controller units

Transformer management units, automatics for special MV circuits.


 Mosaic Boards
 Stand-alone Devices
Mozaik sématábla

Mosaic minic systems

Small tile mosaic mimic board with unified surface, easy-to-shape, sophisticated built-in active units.


Kis önálló készülékek


Small units for unique applications: mimic control, alarm annunciation, transformer tap changer status transceiver, signal converter.