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Power distribution systems, control devices, power plant automation, system integration,
engineering, project management

Company Profile

Complete name:           INFOWARE Vállalkozási és Kereskedelmi Zártkörűen működő Részvénytársaság
Headquarter:                H-2310 Szigetszentmiklós, Határ út 22., Hungary

Corporate number:       Cg.13-10-041366
Registered:                   02/10/2013

Taxation number:         10900516-2-13.
VAT-number:                HU10900516

Company History 


  • 25th January 1990.: Company establishment. Infoware develops and produces the MAB V1-type RTU for power substations. The first customer is the utility company of Budapest, called ELMŰ.
  • November 1992: New services: design and cabinet assembly.
  • September 1993: The new RTU is the MAB V2. Manufacturing of auxiliary supply systems for substations.
  • NOvember 1994: The new idea is building complex control systems (AKIR) for substations: bay-oriented assembly. One or two cabinets for one bay, with protection, control, remote control, fault registration within. The result is the simplier cabling and more complete FAT.
  • April 1995: INFOWARE undertakes for building complete  substation secondary systems.
  • August 1995: Occupation of the new, independent company site.
  • August 1997: The new market is assembling LV compartments of MV cells of any manufacturer.
  • September 1997: Windows-based substation-level HMI on the market.
  • Spring 1998: New products: Subklew-type mosaic mimic boards and IMB-type DC auxiliary systems.
  • October 1998: ISO-9001 quality management system.
  • January 1999: The new assembly hall opens for the workers and for the laboratory.
  • January 2003: INFOWARE manufacture LVAC distribution systems from the elements of the Danish Logstrup.
  • January 2005: Officially opens the new MV short-circuit laboratory. 
  • December 2005: The first foreign substation equipped totally with INFOWARE's secondary system: Aldel, the Netherlands.
  • October 2006: Delivery of the first GTES container to Russia. The container (Mobile Control Centre) includes the complete secondary system of the new power generation bay of a substation.
  • November 2009: Building the first two MV 40" substation containers for Hungarian applications.

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