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Power distribution systems, control devices, power plant automation, system integration,
engineering, project management

The mission of our Company is to achieve a reliable and effective electric power supply and distribution with our professional services and products.



Conrol systems KIF, KÖF energiaellátó és szek. berendezés gyártás

Substation Control Systems and Units

Substation RTU systems, bay units, on-line SCADA visualisation, industrial automatic elements based on MAB devices, stand-alone devices, mimic boards

Equipment production

Control-automation and protection cabinets; LV compartments of MV cells; AC and DC auxiliary supply systems; high current LVAC distribution.


Konténeres berendezés gyártás Mérnöki szolgáltatások

Production of Substation Secondary Containers

Ready-to-use secondary containers for HV/MV substations or substation-parts, including the complete service technology

Execution, Engineering Services

Planning, testing, settling and commissioning of RTU systems, bay units, indication tools, automatic devices, mosaic mimic tiles